10th Year Message

10th Year Message from our Founder

April 2015

Distinguished Members of the Medical Society,

Exactly ten years ago this time, I announced good news to you about the commencement of the publication life of our journal and shared our expectations about the future. The greatest happiness to us is, that with our fruitful cooperation we have greatly achieved beyond our target set on those days. Now, we have a journal that has been spotted in the British Library shelves and additionally, accepted by a number of national and international indexes and libraries. We are proud of reaching the point where we are receiving international article submissions, besides being a valuable platform for scientific studies carried out in our country. The multidisciplinary nature and peculiar number of scientists that our journal reaches, give us further happiness. I would like to thank our Editorial Board firstly, and then everyone who contributed to this success.

Parallel to the success of Nobel Medicus, we as a company, also have made significant progress in our science-based and global projects. Nowadays, we are in the effort of preparation of molecules which will be the first to be entirely developed by Turkey’s own resources. Last year, when we celebrated our 50th anniversary, we experienced the honor of being the only company selected for the program of “Production and Development of Indigenous Biosimilar Drugs” that is led by TUBITAK. I am looking forward to share with you more success stories in the near future.

I hope the forthcoming decade leads our journal to novel developments and that it reaches a level where studies, not only in Turkish but also in different languages, are published and followed in a wider geography.

I believe that your interest and support to date will continue increasingly and I hereby wish healthy days to our medical society.