Informations for Authors

Nobel Medicus publishes articles written in Turkish and English in the field of pharmacy and medicine. Appropriate use of the English language is a requirement for publication in the journal. Manuscripts that were not edited for language by a professional company (i.e ScienceDocs, American Journal Experts, BioScience Writers, Boston BioEdit, The Medical Editor and Text Check, etc.) will not be accepted for publication.

Manuscripts should only be written in Microsoft Word for Windows format. The original manuscript and an electronic copy in a USB should be sent to the following address.

Dr. Timur Koloğlu
Saray Mah. Dr. Adnan Büyükdeniz Cad. No:14 Ümraniye 34768 İstanbul

Manuscripts which are not written with following rules are not evaluated. If a manuscript is in accord with the publishing policies, it is given a number and sent to at least two reviewers. After the manuscript is finalized, Editorial board may make the final corrections with Authors’ permission. However, if there is a minor correction that wouldn’t change the essence of the article, editorial board may make the corrections without obtaining permission. Unless specified otherwise, all correspondences are done with the first author.

Before proceeding to the evaluation phase, the manuscripts are checked whether they are written in accordance with the guidelines. Manuscripts that do not comply with the publication principles and guidelines are sent back to the author for correction and the revisions must be made by the author within 30 days at the latest.

Manuscripts that comply with the publication principles and the guidelines are submitted to at least two referees determined by the editorial board for evaluation. If two referees give different opinions, a third referee’s opinion is taken.

Reviewers evaluate the manuscript by considering the "Manuscript Evaluation Form". The forms filled by the reviewers are submitted to the authors. If the referees anticipate a correction, the manuscript is sent back to the author to make the necessary corrections. The revisions are made by the authors within 30 days at the latest and the revised manuscript is sent to the journal. The edited manuscript is re-evaluated by the referees. Articles receiving the positive opinion of the two referees can be accepted with the decision of the editorial board, while the articles with negative opinions by the two referees are rejected.

Manuscripts with the positive opinions of at least two referees and accepted by the editorial board are included in the publication portfolio and published on the website in the order determined by the Editorial Board. Even if the referees have a positive opinion, publication of the manuscripts depends on the decision of the editorial board.

All clinical research articles should list the name of the institution where the research is conducted and should clearly show that research is being approved by the ethical committee.

The corresponding author of the article which was accepted for publication, is required to complete and provide with wet signature a conflict of interest form and copyright form, which is available at Only after these forms (copyrights transfer and conflict of interest forms) are received by Nobel Medicus, articles could be published.

If it is possible, these forms should be signed by all authors and sent via post or cargo to “Dr. Timur Koloğlu, Saray Mah. Dr. Adnan Büyükdeniz Cad. No:14 Ümraniye 34768 İstanbul”. Copyright transfer form and conflict of interest form unsent articles will not be published.

The articles have not been published anywhere before. For an article which was already published, accepted for publication or reviewed for publication in other journals, corresponding author should have all the written permissions from all the authors and publishers before submitting the article to Nobel Medicus. Authors are responsible obtaining all the necessary permissions.


Manuscripts which are not written with following rules may be returned to the author without a review. Authors are encouraged the read the rules with a great attention for not wasting any time or financial sources. Manuscript should be typed double spaced with the font size of 12, and with margin of 3 cm from each side of the paper. Each section should start with a new page and every page should consecutively be numbered on the bottom right corner of the page. Organization of the manuscript should be in the following order:

Title Page, The Abstract, Main text, References, Tables and Figures

1) TITLE PAGE: Title page of the manuscript should include title of article (Turkish and English), authors’ names, academic degrees(MD, PhD), professional affiliations, and complete mailing and electronic addresses, phone and fax numbers of the corresponding author. Since these informations are not to be seen by the reviewers, they should not be written in the other pages.

2) THE ABSTRACT: Nobel Medicus is aimed to be a national and international journal which will be included in the citation index list. Therefore, the titles and abstracts should be written in both English and Turkish. The abstracts should concisely (in maximum 250 words) explain followings in the text: Objective, Material and Method, Results, and Conclusion of the study. The abstract page should also contain 3-6 Key Words which are appropriate for Index Medicus. Refer to for key words. Uncommon or controversial Turkish Key Words should be accompanied with its original word written in parenthesis. A words that would be used abbreviated in the text, should at least be written as unabbreviated in its first use and the abbreviation should be shown in parenthesis. In further uses only abbreviated form should be used.

3) THE MAIN TEXT: The format of the main text is different for research articles or case reports.

  • Research article should contain following sections; introduction, material and method, results, discussions and conclusions.
  • Case reports should have introduction and summary, cases, discussion and conclusion sections. Authors are responsible from the reliability of the cited articles or references. Tables and figures should be mentioned in the text but original tables and figures should be located in separate pages. Authors are encouraged to use preferably the generic names of the drugs in their manuscripts.

4) REFERENCES: Reference list should include all the books, thesis, articles and other material cited in the article. If a reference is an article, authors’ last name and initial of the first name should be written. If there are more authors, all authors names should be written same format separated with (,) Maximum of 5 authors name can be listed. If there are more than 5 authors, “et al.” should be added after the third name.

  • Example for reference article: Ding JW, Andersson R, Soltestz V, et al. Obstructive jaundice impairs reticuloendothelial function and promotes bacterial translocation in the rat. J Sur Res 1994; 57: 238-245.
  • Example for reference book: WHO. Handbook for Reporting Results of Cancer Treatment, Geneva, WHO Ofset Publication. 1979.
  • Example for book chapter: Barış İ, Karakoca Y, Demir U. Çevresel ve Mesleksel Akciğer Hastalıkları, Barış İ. (eds.) Solunum Hastalıkları Temel Yaklaşım. Atlas Kitapçılık Ltd. Şti, Ankara 1998: 251- 280.
  • Example for meeting presentation: Karan MA. Yaşlılarda infeksiyonlar. 7. Ulusal İç Hastalıkları Kongresi, 20-25 Eylül 2004 Antalya. Kongre kitabı, s:25.
  • Example for thesis: Kılıç C. Genel Sağlık Anketi: Güvenirlik ve geçerlilik çalışması. Uzmanlık tezi, Ankara: Hacettepe Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi, Psikiyatri bölümü, 1992.
  • Example for electronic article: Altun, A. E-okuryazarlık. Milli Eğitim Dergisi 2003;158. 10 Aralık 2003
  • Number of references: Research articles should have maximum 40 references. Case reports should have maximum 10 references.

5) TABLES AND FIGURES: Every table and figure should be submitted in separate numbered pages. Tables should be double spaced and numbered according to their order of presence in the text. Every table should have titles. Figures shall also be arranged according to their order of presence in the main text, should have their titles on the top of the figure, and placed in a numbered page with an arrow showing the top of the paper. Figure legends should be written with the same format as the main text in double spaced. If they are taken from other publications, that should be clarified in the text. Permission of the original publisher should be obtained and submitted with the manuscript. Authors should encourage to use X-ray films and other pictures which are high contrast and clear.