Founding Message

Founder's Message

April 2005

Dear Members of the Health Sector,

Research & Development are the two complementary musts for a pharmaceutical company throughout the world. Actually, these are the musts for all the sectors and even the first condition for becoming and maintaining the status of a developed country. Despite the awareness of this necessity and the presence of estimable and talented scientists in our country, the funds and the importance allocated to R&D by the state and the private sector is unfortunately insufficient. R&D can not be carried out with only individual initiatives. In the name of our nation, it is the duty of all of us; the state, the private sector and the individuals, to jointly act and to undertake this responsibility together. For the future of our country, of our people and of our children, we need to invest more in R&D and to create new opportunities. We have to be aware of our experiences’ value, to grow-up, educate and train the scientists of tomorrow and to grant development opportunities for the talented persons. With this target, as Ulkar Holding, we enhance our activities and fulfill a part of our duties within our R&D center, FARGEM.

The idea of Nobel Medicus appeared many years ago as a hope; to bring to light the scope of the accumulated knowledge. Since then, the idea has matured, and with your most valuable participation, Nobel Medicus is now published. At the same time, we wish to contribute to the growth of knowledge and to settle an effective collaboration network among our esteemed scientists. With the enthusiasm of this first edition, we are encouraged to share our belief with you.

At this occasion, I would like to express my thanks to the edition team and to each person who contributed to give life to Nobel Medicus. With the hope to form Turkey into a centre of knowledge, science and culture, my wishes are for a healthy life.